“Love this one!!! Exit thru the window to the fire escape….

Banksy would eat his own head at seeing this!!………Top of the class on this one Lisa”

– Mitch Hicks – U.K.

“Your photography evokes Hitchcockian themes with angles, shadows and textures and allows the escape series, store front windows and allleys to exude three dimensionality that draws the viewer to all directions. Kudos, LK.”

– Henry B. Rosenbush

“your photos are amazing.
they’re so perfect that the viewer forgets that you had to select the
composition, that it just didn’t happen.
you just didn’t point your camera and shoot.

your sense of color and geometric space is remarkable,

and there’s always a feeling of humanity hiding, but not completely.”

– Jack Grapes

“Damn this is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you have found what I asked you to. I am so proud of you! This is photography that endures at a deep level. I can see your symbolism (wheels). The roots of the tree are showing through your shadow. This kind of work excites me. xo”
“Lisa, your photographs are very moving, they have great power in them.
Keep doing what you’re doing. I feel like you’ve been shooting forever in such a short time.”
“You are such an amazing talent. Everything you touch has such feeling and drama. You should be very proud of yourself. I know I am very proud of you. You go girl!”
– jackie herzig
“I love your work. I really like the way you see the world.”
– James MacDonald
Foto Fetish has persuaded me to start my own photo-blog. Thanks for the inspiration.”
“Lisa I love your fotos which translated means i love the way you snap the lens take pictures capture moods and feeling.I encourage you to go all the way obsessive what you need to to realize your vision.You have a great eye..a great spirit and a great tender heart.I love you.”
– Stevie Kalinich
One of the most beautiful aspects of your fotos is in your composition utilizing angles, shadows, dimensional space and time. You are fortunate to live in a city with myriad architectural marvels that present fascinating structural viewpoints.”
“what you are doing brings thought and emotion that you may never see or hear. unlike being on stage where we hear the laughs or gasps , as may be…in photos there’s that quiet introspective thought and you are doing that in spades with your
art ! please keep up the great work…”
– Michael Cristaldi
“awesome… had a chance to look at your beautiful photos…
great eye… love how you are capturing the beauty in many of the things we see and take for granted in our daily lives… like a color, a shadow, a set of stairs  ….etc
– LA Street Artist – D OG Byte

“It’s starting to sound like a skipping record but
your distinct style
your creatieve view of the world
your eye for detail
your beautiful physique
make everything you shoot
to have a class of its own”
– jroonia

1 Response to “Quotes on Fotos”

  1. March 29, 2010 at 5:50 am

    You are a genius at finding just the right photographs.
    Thanks you so much for illustrating my poem.
    Love to you,
    Karen K Ross

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