Pablo Picasso

In Paris in June 1994 Picasso photographe 1901-1916, (1) the first in a series of three exhibitions in which the Musée Picasso explored the relationship of the artist with photography, was presented. Picasso emerged as a prolific amateur documenting his own studio and the still lifes that served him there as a model.

The images selected for that show provided interesting information about his way of working, but did not give evidence of any particular ambition to express himself through photography. It was probably much later, through his friendship with Brassaï and his intimate relationship with Dora Maar (1936-1945), that Picasso began to take photography more seriously as a creative medium. His most ambitious photographic project was, without doubt, the series of lithographs entitled Diurnes (1962), created in collaboration with the French photographer André Villiers.(2)

“I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.”

Pablo Picasso


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